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September 22, 2018

Promstroi, JSC involved in the construction of the object «Increase in the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year».

Promstroi, JSC and Voronezhsintezkauchuk, JSC signed a General contract for the implementation of a complex of construction and installation works in the framework of the project SIBUR holding «Increase in the production capacity of thermoplastic elastomers from 50 to 100 thousand tons per year at Voronezhsintezkauchuk, JSC».
The contract provides for civil works, supply and installation of steel structures, installation of process pipelines and equipment, corrosion protection, fire protection, insulation, electrical work and instrumentation.
Completion of works in the area of responsibility of Promstroi, JSC is planned in January 2020.

September 20, 2018

The project office of OP Omsk took part in the review competition at the Omsk OCP construction project for the Omsk Refinery. The organizer was NIPIGAZ, JSC. Promstroi, JSC was awarded with letters of thanks in the nominations:

  • prevention of the accident / timely response
  • for active participation in ensuring work safety at the construction site of the work process

Congratulations to colleagues!

September 20, 2018

LLC «NZTM» became the winner of the XV Anniversary Republican professional competition «The Best construction product of the year - 2018».
Our enterprise - SOOO «Novopolotsk plant of technological metal structures» in the Republic of Belarus won in the nomination: «The Best complex system, technical solution in construction». Colleagues provided for the main professional competition of the Republic in the field of construction of metal structures for reinforcement of skip and cage shafts of Ust-yayvinsky mine. The jury of the competition noted the high technical solutions, performance, consumer properties of the product submitted to the competition and a decent level of production.
The organizers of the XV Anniversary Republican professional competition «The Best construction product of the year-2018» were:

  • Belarusian national technical Institute
  • RUE «Institute BelNIIS»
  • BSC «Business media»

We congratulate our colleagues on receiving such a significant award!

September 10, 2018

The progress of the construction of the Logistic Platform facility within the framework of the West Siberian complex of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials into polyolefins with a design capacity of 2 million tons per year with the corresponding facilities of the OPC is 91.8%. The facility is designed for intermediate storage, packaging and shipment of finished products of polyethylene (high and low density) production plants and polypropylene «ZapSibNeftekhima».
The platform is the end point when sending products to consumers, so the project is linked into a single whole system of receiving, packaging and shipping products. At the same time, the finished product is shipped to the consumer both in bags and in containers. For this purpose, automated dispatch and packaging complexes were provided, which in future will allow the platform's employees to make quick decisions and optimize loading capacities. In the area of responsibility Promstroi works are executed at 90.69%.

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Promstroi Group of Companies is a construction and installation Holding Company performing design and construction of large-scale industrial projects of power-producing industry (oil & gas processing, transportation and storage facilities), power industry and metallurgy industry.

Industrial segments:

  • Oil & gas (upstream, midstream, downstream)
  • Power engineering
  • Metallurgy

More than 10 specialized companies in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


Development of energetic industry in Russia and Kazakhstan.


Creation of open, independent, successfully managed Company – leader in the sphere of industrial construction in Russia – by means of the combination of the best Russian and international practices, as well as its own integrated project & assets management system.

Main Services

  • Engineering
  • Project management - General contract, ()
  • Construction and installation works:
    • Civil works
    • Construction of main and field pipelines, well pads and on-site roads
    • Installation works (installation of technological equipment and industrial pipelines, metal structures, power supply and automation systems)
  • Commissioning
  • Metal structures production

Key Success Factors

  • Team of managers and specialists with the same understanding of business, values and contracting risks
  • Unique combination of assets acquired within the framework of the strategy realization of Promstroi Group of Companies
  • Project-oriented resources/efficiency/liquidity management system
  • Company Management System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Securing of contractual obligations by guarantees provided by Sberbank of the Russian Federation
  • Pool of reliable subcontractors and suppliers




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