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December 08, 2018

December 8 in Tobolsk held the final stages of the corporate team game «Security begins with you!» with the participation of 11 teams from all units of the OP «Tobolsk». The competition was won by the team «the Elusive experts in TVET», the Silver prize-winner became the team of «Eureka». And the construction control team completed the top three. Congratulations to the winners!
Recall that the game «Security begins with you!» it has become the main event of the decade on labor protection, which takes place at the Tobolsk construction site from 1 to 10 December and is organized by the service of OT, PB and OOS in the framework of the strategy of the Promstroi Group of companies to develop the competence of «Safety» and improve the safety culture of its employees and employees of contractors.
Also in the framework of the decade for the protection of labor at the Tobolsk site events and work with staff and thematic campaign «Safety starts with ME!».

December 05, 2018

From 1 to 10 December at the Tobolsk construction site in the framework of the strategy of Promstroi, JSC for the development of competence «SAFETY» and improve the level of safety culture of employees declared decade of labor protection.
As part of this decade, the main event was a corporate team game of the same name: «Security begins with you!». 11 teams-participants from all divisions of OP «Tobolsk» under the leadership of captains of teams take part in the game. The first two stages of the game were held in an interactive form on the job. The team captains received the main tasks, rules and requirements by e-mail.
The first stage of the game «FLASH POLL» was held on December 3, and today the team passed the stage called «the ASSOCIATION» and also received «HOMEWORK».
Following the results of the first two stages, three teams with the highest number of points took the lead. This Saturday, December 8, the teams will fight for the victory in the next two stages of the team game.
Events of this format, organized by the specialists of the service FROM, BOP and OOS, are a bright and exciting tool to promote a culture of safety for everyone. After all, security begins with itself. We are waiting for the next news on the results of the final of the team game very soon! And we wish good luck to the teams!

November 29, 2018

The readiness of the Zapsibneftekhim complex has already crossed the 90% mark. A unit for the production of polypropylene with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year (UPP), the contractor for the construction of which is Promstroi, JSC, has been built almost 100%. From the objects of the OZH on a constant (design) scheme on the object arrive: Circulating water, Steam, Air Instrumentation. Preparatory work for the supply of nitrogen and saline water.
Commissioning works are performed on the design energy carriers of the ventilation and heating systems.

November 23, 2018

At 23 of november the last of 36 acts of mechanical readiness was signed for the construction part of the project «Polypropylene production unit with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year».

November 21, 2018

On November 22, 2016, on the basis of the assembly and technological area No. 2, a new building and assembly department was created, the main tasks of which were: to increase the number of key workers to 70 people, master the volumes on the current project in Tobolsk and develop their own competencies. Among the main projects of SMU are such as: the project «Reconstruction of a complex for processing NGL SIBUR Tobolsk LLC», further «Construction of a temporary camp, field offices and a workshop for applying fire protection, including general construction and mechanical installation works» and «Construction of a polypropylene production unit 500 thousand tons per year». Currently, work is underway to implement one of the key projects of Promstroi JSC - «Reconstruction of plant facilities for the operation of an electrical desalting plant, a delayed coking unit and a deep oil refining complex on the territory of the existing plant» as part of a large-scale modernization program for Omsk Gazprom neft refinery.
Today SMU is 80 people of highly qualified installers of metal structures and technological pipelines, welders RAD and RD, with a full-fledged staff of engineers and technicians. After 2 years of hard work and development, the Construction and Installation Department is ready to carry out a full range of such works as: installation of metal structures of any complexity, installation of process equipment of any complexity, installation of technological pipelines of any complexity. Along with high performance in the work and the results achieved, I would like to mention the work of the team. Those people who today are part of SMU and congratulate on the 2-year date of foundation of management.
A large and friendly team of our holding joins the congratulations of colleagues! Let only the most ambitious goals, high achievements and performance be always in the life of each of you, and at home let you have warmth, comfort and well-being!

November 15, 2018

On November 15, at the Tobolsk industrial site, the specialists of the labor protection and industrial safety service of JSC «Promstroi» organized a number of events dedicated to the International day of Smoking cessation: Actions «Tree of life» and «Change cigarettes for sweets». The main objectives of these actions are: to attract the attention of employees to the negative harm of Smoking to health, promotion of healthy lifestyles, reducing the prevalence of tobacco dependence and support those wishing to abandon the addiction.
«Every day the average smoker spends 2 hours of his life Smoking. And with each cigarette his health deteriorates, and the life span is reduced. But this time he can spend on other activities that bring him joy and pleasure, and thereby prolonging, not shortening life. Socializing with friends, playing sports and likes, Hobbies, helping other people make life more full and bright,» - said the head of the service from health, safety and environment Tatiana Koralskaya.
In the events of adoption by the employees of the construction objects «the Installation for the production of polypropylene with capacity of 500 thousand tons per year» and «Logistics platform» and staff and staff of the town of JSC «Promstroi».
Among the participants of the action also there was a lottery in which he won the employee of the Contracting organization LLC «SNEMA-SERVIS» and engineer, industrial engineering unit of JSC «Promstroi». The winners were awarded with valuable prizes by the event organizers.

November 12, 2018

Priamurskiy «Inzhpromstroi» will provide sand GOST 8736-2014 construction company of the Amur gas processing plant «Gazprom».
The enterprise of the Amur region «Inzhromstroi» has become one of the largest suppliers of materials for the Amur gas processing plant «Gazprom», the construction of which is carried out in the Svobodnensky district of the region. At the moment materials «Inzhpromstroi» transferred all plaster and concrete nodes of the Amur gas processing plant, which will provide a constant workload for the duration of the construction project. Since June this year and to the present time 71 232 tons of construction sand, 5 436 tons of crushed stone, 2 600 tons of gravel crushing, 2 945 cubic meters of sand and gravel mix, soil have been sold.
The high volume of deliveries «Inzhpromstroi» ensures crushing and screening equipment (DSO) designed to produce building sand, crushed stone cube, and elimination. The equipment was installed in March this year and allowed in a short time to increase the depth of processing of sand and gravel mixture to 75%, thereby reorienting the mortar and concrete plants to the consumption of products of «Inzhpromstroi».
«Previously, our company did not produce materials of such quality according to its technical characteristics, primarily construction sand. Materials such as crushed stone and screenings cannot be obtained without crushing and screening equipment in General. Thus, the acquisition of us crushing and screening equipment in Svobodnensky area allowed to expand the range of products primarily for the needs of companies engaged in the construction of the Amur gas processing plant», – said General Director of «Inzhpromstroi» Oleg Natalchenko.
«Inzhpromstroi» specializes in the licensed production and sale of common minerals (construction sand, rock soil, sand and gravel mix) and is part of the group of companies «Promstroi» engaged in the construction of large industrial facilities of the energy sector of the economy.

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