There are no rats only on a sinking ship,
although it does not exclude the necessity
of fighting against them




Business protection

Statement of Security and Control Director

Policy of Promstroi Group of Companies concerning the combating of internal theft, fraud, loss of inventory and other illegal acts damaging shareholders and investors is based on the Code of Corporate Values, such as the following:

  • Prohibition of theft and conscious lies
  • Strict compliance of minority rights
  • Human values as the basis of relations among personnel
  • Recognition of room for mistake

Defending the interests of shareholders, investors, customers, partners and the Company's employees, having certain knowledge, skills and techniques, I consider it my duty to:

  • Identify all cases of theft, fraud, abuse of official position without time limitation. No matter how much time had passed since the commission of the offense, where this or that citizen is, he/she will have to answer for the offenses committed.
  • Do not leave without the effects of any findings. The punishment for their deeds will be adequate to seriousness of the offense, and it will be inevitable.
  • Pursue thieves and swindlers by all fair means, not stopping neither before prosecutions with bringing them to their logical conclusion, nor general public exposure of the facts identified before potential employers or in the media. Specific terms of the criminal punishment of the perpetrators, and other difficulties associated with the publicity of the facts revealed are considered to be just retribution for their deeds.
  • Require from offenders to compensate from damages
  • Apply to senior management on non-application (termination) of the persecution of those who, having made a misdemeanor, has repented, confessed to the crime and compensated for the damage in full.
  • Implement preventive measures that can keep people from improper action.

We do not intend to hide such cases, as we believe transparency and consistency in this situation is the best prevention.

We hope that this information will help our colleagues.

Best regards,
Security and Control Director, JSC Promstroi
E.G. Mazin



Photo Name Company /
Position /
Date of leaving
Evgeniy Khoroshuno Evgeniy Khoroshunov Promstroi, JSC
head of specialized management of Moscow Refinery
dismissed on 06.04.2018

28.03.2018 the head of specialized management of Moscow Refinery (SU-6 division), the general director of SU-6 E.A. Khoroshunov was notified about competitive interests. E.A. Khoroshunov agreed with presented facts and signed the notice of competitive interests. E.A.Khoroshunov's activity dent the reputation and legitimate interests of JSC "Promstroi" and they are incompatible with work continuation in the company. After notification of competitive interests, the employment relationship with E.A. Khoroshunov has been terminated. Case materials regarding Khoroshunov have been sent to law-enforcement agencies

  Victor Shatrov Petrostroisnab, LLC,

May 24, 2016 there was passed a sentence within the criminal case.
The Court found Mr.V.Shatrov 1986 year of birth guilty in theft of 29 sandwich-panels owned to Kazmekhanomontazh, LLP in April 2016 (p.1 Art.158 of the CC RF) and he was fined for 5000 RUB for the revenue of the state. Material evidences of 29 sandwich-panels handed over to the affected company were left to Kazmekhanomontazh, LLP as belonging to it.

 .. Aleksandr Sumin Promstroi, JSC
OP TSB Yuzhnaya,
Tobolsk city,
dismissed on 31.10.2014
On April 03, 2015 there was passed a sentence within the criminal case.
On May 28, 2015 the sentence of Tobolsk city court was kept in force by the decision of Tyumen regional court.
The court found Sumin A.A. of 1982 year of birth guilty in major theft of pipe products owed to Promstroi, JSC in October 2014 (par.b part 3 Art. 158 of the CC RF) and he was sentenced to deprivation of freedom for 2 years (suspended with a trial period of 3 years).
From June 27, 2015 Tobolsk Interdistrict Department of the Court Marshals began execution of legal process No. 31180/15/72010-IP regarding collection from the convicted Sumin A.A. of 582,212.8 RUB for indemnity of incurred material damage in favor of Tobolskiy branch, Promstroi, JSC.
  Oksana Reshetova Uralmontazhavtomatika OJSC,
dismissed on 01.09.2011

On March 6, 2012 Kalininskiy District Court of Chelyabinsk passed sentence on Reshetova O.P. The court found Reshetova O.P. guilty of theft of funds from the current account of OJSC UrMA that took place in 2011 (article 160 part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and sentenced to restraint of liberty for a period of 3 years (conditional). The amount of material damage shall be compensated in favour of OJSC UrMA in full.

  Gennadiy Shandra Uralmontazhavtomatika OJSC,
Deputy Director on Business support,
dismissed on 30.01.2013
There was opened a criminal case (part 1 Art.201 of the CC RF) concerning Shandra G.N. for cause of official duties violation and abuse of official position by the Investigation Department of the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior «Tobolskiy». Shandra G.N. evaded investigation. From September 2014 to July 2015 he was wanted by UMVD of Russia in Tyumen region. His place of location was found. It is decided what measure of restriction to take.
  Daich Sergey Uralmontazhavtomatika OJSC,
Deputy Director in charge of Economics and Finance,
dismissed on 24.02.2011
Anton Gavrilenko Uralmontazhavtomatika OJSC,
Managing Director,
dismissed on 26.04.2011
  Galina Sabirova Promstroimekhanizatsiya LLC,
HR Manager,
dimissed on 20.03.2012

Nyagan Department of Internal Affairs has initiated the criminal investigation according to Article 159 part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud) concerning the falsification of figures ("Dead Souls") in the amount of over 5 million RUB.

Yuriy Velgosha Promstroimekhanizatsiya LLC,
Managing Director
dimissed on 29.11.2011


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