Specific character of the operation of Promstroi Group of Companies is closely related to the environment. Prevention of ecological disruption is the priority of the Holding. Work safety of employees and protection of health of personnel of the Holding and the population living in the areas where Promstroi Group of Companies performs its production activities is also its priority.

In order to organize the approaches of Promstroi Group of Companies to HSE issues in accordance with the requirements of legislation of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, HSE Department was created in the Managing Company PROMSTROI GROUP CJSC in 2008. HSE Department conducted analysis of HSE status in all enterprises of Promstroi Group of Companies and established unified safety principles.

The document «HSE Policy» establishes common goals concerning work safety of employees of Promstroi Group of Companies, preservation of favorable environment and rational use of natural resources:

  • Lack of industrial accidents and occupational illnesses
  • Insure safe and efficient operation of technological equipment and machinery
  • Compliance of HSE conditions with the current legislation and internal control over the fulfillment of these obligations
  • Reduce allowable industrial emissions (waste) as a result of production activities

In order to achieve the set goals, Promstroi Group of Companies assumes the following obligations:

  1. Comply with the applicable legislation and other regulations in the sphere of HSE of the countries in the territory of which the Company performs its production activities.
  2. Increase requirements gradually and consistently in those areas where the internationally recognized standards set higher requirements.
  3. Create Unified Industrial Control Service for HSE issues and ensure its functioning appointing trained personnel to perform work and inspections, including internal audits of HSE conditions
  4. Provide efficient HSE management by determining and documenting obligations, responsibilities and powers of managers of different levels and those managers who perform and check work performance.
  5. Active involvement of all the staff of the Holding into HSE works. In order to achieve this purpose, corresponding measures of ethic and material incentives, and staff training and education are realized.
  6. Require from the Holding’s contractors to apply the same standards and norms in the sphere of HSE which are applied within Promstroi Group of Companies.

By means of implementing of Policy requirements, Promstroi Group of Companies is seeking to become the acknowledged leader in compliance with HSE requirements during the construction of industrial projects.

Guarantee of success of implementation of HSE Policy is partnership relations between management, specialists and production personnel.

Management of the Holding at all levels within the limits of their competence is responsible for the management and involvement of the staff into the process of implementation of HSE obligations specified in HSE Policy. In order to achieve this, Managers do the following:

  • By their personal example show their commitment to HSE issues, create and encourage positive attitude of the staff to HSE issues
  • Improve their HSE skills and knowledge in the course of special-purpose and competency-based learning and practical work
  • Provide bilateral exchange of HSE information with employees, contractors and other persons. To this effect they do the following:
    • They begin every ordinary meeting with HSE issues
    • They visit working places on a regular basis, control compliance with HSE requirements by the staff and discuss these issues with employees
  • Set clear HSE goals and objectives, assign obligations and spheres of responsibility, specify criteria of HSE performance, appoint competent specialists and if it is necessary call on experts

Working conditions and behavior models developed in Promstroi Group of Companies allow any employee to require work stoppage if its continuation, in his/her opinion, poses a hazard.






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