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General Contractor, PC Subcontractor

Industrial project construction is a comprehensive multifunctional mechanism that encompasses a number of specific works. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a company with constant staff that includes all kinds of building specialists able to use the whole spectrum of construction equipment. This problem can be resolved by general contractor’s professional management team.

PROMSTROI GROUP construction holding possesses reliable information concerning participants of the construction market, and also it has its own qualified specialists both in construction technologies and project management. That is why it is much easier for PSG to choose best competing subcontractors.

General contractor bears full responsibility to the customer for the working results performed by the subcontractor he has chosen.

General contractor’s functions:

  • Search and selection of necessary subcontractors and suppliers
  • Conclusion of subcontract agreements for performance of specific kinds of works
  • Carrying out of operational construction planning, development of working plan
  • Organization of construction, including availability performance of the project, structures and specific kinds of works, that will make subcontractors perform necessary building and construction works
  • Implementation of safety regulations, protection of the environment and fire safety of building and construction works on the project
  • Technical documentation maintenance on the project
  • Control over performance of works according to contract and subcontract agreements, fulfillment of obligations to the customer concerning control over quality of works and obligations provided by contracts
  • Creation of the system of information gathering and analysis concerning potential subcontracting organizations
  • Carrying out of technical, economic, financial and legal examinations with the help of subcontracting organizations
  • Commissioning of the project

Pilot projects built by PSG’s enterprises on EPC basis:

Customer: TSUP ESPO OJSC, Transneft JSC
Project: Oil Pumping Station (OPS-4) of Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system. Commissioning – 2008-2009.

Customer: Yuzhno-Balykskiy Gas Processing Complex OJSC
Project: Extension of Yuzhno-Balykskiy Gas Processing Complex, town of Pyt-Yakh. Works were performed in 2008-2009.

Customer: Privolzhskiye MN OJSC, Transneft JSC
Project: Replacement of the section of oil pipeline Zhirnovsk – Volgograd, Du 530 mm (Yefimovka-VNPZ section, 84-107 km, 179-199 km, 203-217 km) with backing rings according to Target program of normalization of oil pipelines with backing rings – 59 km. Works were performed in 2007-2008.

Customer: Transsibirskiye MN OJSC, Transneft JSC
Project: Oil Pumping Station “Mariinsk-2”. Commissioning – 2006.

Customer: North-West MN OJSC, Transneft JSC
Project: Replacement of section Almetyevsk-Gorkiy-2, Du 820 mm, with backing rings of sections 302-312 km, 318-322 km, 322,2-326 km according to the Target program of normalization of oil pipelines with backing rings – 24 km. Works were performed in 2006-2007.


Construction Engineering (Technical Consultant)

Industrial engineering is developing quickly. Modern customers are not satisfied any more with specific kinds of works performed by isolated specialized organizations, where the first one is responsible for procurement, the second one develops project documentation, and the third one carries out building and construction works. The majority of the customers are interested in the organization of the full complex of design, building and construction works, procurement, commissioning and further exploitation of the project.

Today, investment into engineering means that the customer invests into future of his enterprise. As a result, he receives a hi-tech decision that makes him feel on equal terms among business leaders of the branch.

The main advantage of engineering consists of the fact that the customer has to apply to engineering company only once, send technical requirements, and then specialists of the company will take care about everything. They will offer several options to solve a problem.

PROMSTROI GROUP corresponds to characteristics of such engineering holding of industrial construction.

PROMSTROI GROUP renders consulting services on industrial infrastructure projects in the form of granting various engineering and consulting services that can be divided into four main clusters:

  • pre-design (preliminary research, feasibility study)
  • design: choosing a design company, development and examination of projects
  • post-project: bidding, conclusion of the contracts on building and construction works
  • independent technical expertise

Today the Group performs comprehensive projects «on a turn-key basis», and also specific kinds of works on design, feasibility study, investment projects, construction, installation, commissioning and adjustment works, development of automated control system of the production process, procurement, production of equipment of hydro-electric installation works and servicing for oil & gas industry enterprises, energetic industry and housing and communal services.


EPC General Contractor

PROMSTROI GROUP Holding renders services according to EPC model: engineering, detailed engineering and procurement. PROMSTROI GROUP performs works on its own and also involves subcontractors to carry out building and construction works.

The Company constantly purchases and develops its own specialized contracting capacities in order to fulfill its obligations to the Customer.

In order to act like EPC contractor, PROMSTROI GROUP CJSC has established partnership relations with leading engineering centers both in Russia and abroad. The company has considerable experience in integration and optimization of different construction works and procurement within the framework of the single project. Short project implementation period is an advantage of this model because it is not obligatory to finish full design works in order to begin construction (it is enough to perform 20% of engineering works).

Positive peculiarities of EPC model for the Customer:

  • The customer carries out only preliminary design and survey works, first of all for the preparation for the tender for the choice of the general contractor
  • Only proven technologies are used for project realization
  • The customer has high degree of security on critical parameters of the project, such as cost, terms and quality.

EPC contract can be performed «on a turn-key basis» specifying the fixed value that protects investors and customers from many investment and building risks.

An example concerning the construction of gas turbine plant can illustrate this. Turbine production and procurement term is 24 months. The order can be placed only after receiving project documentation that passed all types of expertise. But within the framework of the EPCM contract, the contractor is able to do it earlier without project and expertise termination, just after determination of the specific character of the main equipment. EPC contractor is also able to start building & construction works before termination of procurement procedures. It is possible only within the framework of responsibility of the single contractor. He is aware of risks and is ready to minimize them.

Pilot projects built by PSG’s enterprises on EPC basis:

Customer: Oktyabrsk Region, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District
Project: Construction of the business-center in Oktyabrsk settlement

Customer: Sovetskiy Region, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District
Project: Construction of sewage treatment facilities in the town of Sovetskiy

Customer: Sovetskiy Region, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District
Project: Construction of a boiler-house in Zelenogorsk settlement.


Construction Management ( contractor)

This difficult Western notion has a very simple meaning: «It is a customer who builds and not a contractor». Signing an EPCM contract, PROMSTROI GROUP engineering company undertakes management over the whole complex: from development of the project documentation, procurement and construction to technical expertise. It becomes a customer. And the investor reserves the right to take basic financial and organizational & technical decisions.

Taking part in decision-making, the Customer shares risks concerning project realization with the EPC contractor.

In this case PROMSTROI GROUP CJSC performs the following kinds of work:

  • Pre-design documentation
  • Designing of large-scale projects
  • Work with suppliers of all kinds of equipment
  • Construction management of comprehensive projects

The company has experience in the organization of construction works, procurement and staff recruitment for management and integration of the contractor’s work.

Work according to model helps to avoid possible risks while performing large-scale industrial and construction projects, including financial, technical, investment, economic, social, environmental, legal, macroeconomic risks or force-majeure.

Pilot projects built by PSG’s enterprises on EPCM basis:

Customer: Samara-Nafta CJSC
Project: Complex of oil preparation and sales to oil truck pipelines in the Samara Region (Yuzhnaya Oil treatment facility). Commissioning – October 2007.

Customer: TRANSOIL-Terminal LLC
Project: Oil Transfer Terminal from Railway to Water Transport. Commissioning – 2007.





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