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May 10, 2017

The Tobolsky branch started the first stage of roads and platforms equipping for lifting equipment for oversized equipment installation on title C51300 «Homogenization of Granulated Polypropylene» and C51400 «Extrusion Building» of the project Construction of Polypropylene production plant of 500 thousand tons annual capacity As part of the performance of a contractual obligation by the «Tobolsky» branch, the following scopes of work are currently performed:

  • concrete pouring (14 823 m3)
  • underground pipe installation (4 271 m)
  • wells installation (226 pcs.)
  • above-ground pipelines prefabrication and installation (80 922 d-d)
  • assembly of metal structures (963 tons)
  • backfilling (132 352 m3)
  • painting (3 417 m2)
  • interior decor (1,762 m2).

May 10, 2017

Work on the project Construction of Polypropylene production plant of 500 thousand tons annual capacity is being carried out at a fast pace. By efforts of «Tobolsky» branch, works on underground water pipeline for fire water B2 (1838.6 meters) and reinforced concrete wells installation (72 units) have been completed, for the title 51400/01 «Extrusion building», works for concrete pouring for installation of monolithic slab PPM1, beams and columns at the design mark +9,600 have been performed. In order to ensure the continuity of the process for receiving 895 m3 of concrete, 3 concrete pumps, 13 mixers and 40 main workers were involved, the work lasted 20 hours.

April 18, 2017

On April 20, 2017 within the frames of implementation of the contractual obligations on construction of the Combined oil refining unit EURO + project, Promstroi, JSC performed installation of the heat exchanger of combined feed exchanger E-201. The caterpillar crane Liebher LR 1750 of 750 tons lifting capacity was involved in installation of the equipment weighing 83 tons to the elevation mark +11.000.

April 18, 2017

Promstroi, JSC has started installation of compressor and pumping equipment at the project of Combined oil refining unit EURO +. On April 15 there was performed installation of the centrifugal compressor of cycle gas 300--301 of the average weight of 52 tons and installation of three pairs of pumps: P253/ and 304/ (wash water pumps), P257/ (top product pumps of the separating naphtha column).

April 11, 2017

The Articles of Association of Spetsializirovannoye Upravleniye No.6 Neftegazmontazh, JSC under revision 3 passed the public registration. The following company trade names has been used since March 28, 2017:

  • Long title is Joint-Stock Company Spetsializirovannoye Upravleniye No.6 Neftegazmontazh
  • Short title is SU-6 Neftegazmontazh, JSC

Change of Company name does not invalidate the Powers of Attorney issued before the changes in the Articles of Association were made and does not constitute grounds for introduction of amendments to the existing Contracts (Notification to Contractors).

March 30, 2017

SU-6 Neftegazmontazh, JSC started prefabrication of pipe spools having diameter up to Dn200 at the production plant in Stavropol city for the needs of the facility: Combined Oil Refining Unit Euro+. Welding of the process pipelines are carried out by qualified specialists having NAKS certificates. Each step of product production is step-by-step checked by the Specialists of Quality Assurance Service; the pipe spools pass thermal processing as required.

March 02, 2017

On February 17 Uralmontazhavtomatika, JSC became a member of NPO self-regulated organization of builders of Tyumen region. The Company obtained the Certificate No. 0613.00-2017-6660000470--015 regarding a work permit for a certain type or types of work which have an impact to safety of construction projects (except for highly dangerous and technically challenging facilities, and nuclear facilities).

February 21, 2017

On February 19 Promstroi, JSC successfully finished works on installation of Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Unit at the project of «Combined Oil Refining Unit Euro+». More than 20 direct workers and Engineers and Technicians, caterpillar cranes of 1,350 and 750 tonnes lifting capacity were involved in installation of modules (4 sections) of continuous catalyst regeneration of 940 tonnes average weight and 64 meters in height. The unit will be a part of the catalytic reforming unit oriented to high-octane petrol of emission standard Euro-5 modules components production. All works have been carried out in due time in accordance with the progress schedule.

February 16, 2017

General construction works are carried out at a fast pace at the project of «Construction of polypropylene production unit of 500 thousand tons annual capacity». Human and technical resources are concentrated at the construction site to carry out clarified major targets, they are over 300 direct workers and Engineers and Technicians, and more than 29 units of equipment. The employees of Tobolskiy branch have successfully carried out works on concreting above the ground level at the title 51300/01 Homogenization silo of 217 cu m. The works are carried out in accordance with the progress schedule meeting the HSE requirements.

February 10, 2017

Promstroi, JSC completed installation of the third section (module 2) of Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Unit (CCRU) on the section 200 «Catalytic Reforming Unit with hydrotreating unit and short-cycle adsorption» at the project «Combined Oil Refining Unit EURO+». It was required to perform updating of caterpillar crane arm Liebherr LR-11 350 of 1,300 tons lifting capacity to 100 m in order to lift the upper module of the unit weighing 240 tons to the design installation elevation of +32,000 m. Installation of CCRU modules is carried out in accordance with the developped Method Statement and it complies with all HSE requirements.

January 23, 2017

Promstroi, JSC completed installation of the second pair of modules of Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (weight of 235 tons, height of 32 meters) by means of caterpillar cranes Liebherr LR-11350 and LR-1750 having lifting capacity 1350 and 750 tons correspondingly at the facility «Catalytic reforming unit with hydro-treating unit and short cycle adsorption unit» at the project «Combined Oil Refining Unit Euro+».
Installation of the rest two pairs of CCR modules of 480 tons average weight is planned to be performed after the complex of actions on updating of lifting constructions and arrangement of concrete grouting for equipment.


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